Integrity and workmanship seem to have gone the way of steam engines and quill pens. These days, companies seem to emphasize quantity rather than qualityŚcutting their costs and inflating yours wherever they can. That's not our style.

We still believe in fair pricing. We still believe in quality materials and impeccable service. We still believe in providing you with an experience that will keep you coming back. At Deveaution Tiling, we still believe in a firm handshakeŚthat's why we're devoted to serving you better.

We've provided professional and personalized services in the Winnipeg area for 20 years. Our wealth of experience includes residential and commercial projects, from kitchen floors and backsplashes to fire places to showers, baths and Jacuzzis. We've worked with ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, glass, hand made tiles and more.

We also offer a guaranteed 20% off retail price on high quality product lines, such as Ames Tile, Ceratec, Olympia Tile and Julian Tile. It's just a small part of what we believe in.

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